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Taking medicines with no label - dream analysis

THE DREAM I saw my friend there were two cups in front of him, one to his left and one to his right. They were not exactly cups, they were orange containers for medicines, but they had no lids and no labels. I could not tell what was inside of them. Anyway, he raised his left hand and picked up the left container, slowly raising it to drink from it. As he raised his hand, I raised mine, but that was the only part of my body which I could move and he stopped right before the cup had touched his lip.

THE REALITY At about this time her friend was tending to open up too much to his new girlfriend.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream could be seen to be telepathic. Symbolically this dream does seem to have captured this dreamers friends situation at the time.

Medicine is often symbolic of things that will help the dreamer improve the health of their emotional life. But here he is not aware what are in the medicine containers. That kind of accurately symbolises the way how the dreamer has opened up to his girlfriend yet in ways which maybe irresponsible. It is never sensible to take medicines in such a way.

The dream features the left and right. The left stands for how he was tending to talk about the past and dwelling on problems. Perhaps the could have chosen to talk about the future and how he feels(the right symbolises the right mind and how we we feel about the future).

Symbolic Meanings
LEFT HAND : "the facts about your life - the past(the left mind or "conscious")"
MEDICINE : "Something that will help improve the health of your emotions"
RIGHT HAND : "Your instincts - the future(your right mind or "unconscious") "

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