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Husband is being extremely mean

THE DREAM My husband Corey was in a bed with blue blankets and white sheets and he was sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. I didn't know though until I went in the room because I was waiting outside the room for him to come out for along time before I went in. I saw the girl and Corey said he didn't care, I could stay with him if I wanted but, I couldn't stop him from cheating on me. And he was being REALLY EXTREMELY mean. I followed her into this big bathroom with metal sinks and huge mirrors and I beat her up really, really bad. She was unconscious when I left.

I ran into the living room and tried to call my sister to tell her what happened and I was bawling, I felt bad for beating her up and for him cheating on me. I couldn't remember the number and I was freaking out but, I was talking on her phone? when I reached her it was busy. I didn't want to leave the house because there were vampires and monster things like the kind from silent hill all over outside. When I left I went onto the front porch and Corey followed me and I started puking everywhere because I was really stressed out and upset. It was gross, it was a lot.

Corey looked like he felt sorry for a minute but, then he went inside with his ex-girlfriend. I ran onto the road and there were vampires everywhere, I ran into this room with a giant movie screen and a carousel in the middle of the room that was on but, no one was riding it. There were zombies and vampires aimlessly walking around the room and they acted like they didn't notice me. All I remember thinking was I was really, really, sad about Corey but, I was like, "o well at least I can be with my ex boyfriend now" and it made me a little bit happier. I ran out of the room and I found a guy who was trying to help me get away from the vampires and stuff. All, I remember is that and the whole dream I remember I was so depressed like really, really sad and when I woke up I was really confused because the dream felt like it was real. I started crying when I woke up because of the intense sadness

THE REALITY The dreamer was bored with her husband because he keeps emotionally draining her everyday. She has no energy left for anything else. The dreamer was also paranoid about her husband cheating on her.

DREAM ANALYSIS Often its best to pick up on one symbol. In this case quite an interesting symbol is the zombies. Zombies mean several things but in this dream there are many reasons to suggest that the dream links with boredom. Zombies can link to the mindless and overwhelming monotony we are feeling. They express the lack of inspiration. Here they are linked to the dreamer walking in and out of the rooms. There is a general feel of frustration. That is an emotional linked to boredom. In this case the dreamer confirmed that she was feeling frustrated and bored with her husband.

She also mentioned that she was drained by her husband. Often fighting is linked to things that emotionally drain us. They symbolise how we are fighting against something. It is linked to things that are consuming our energy. Its an intense effort and that's just how the dreamer feels. The fighting with her husbands ex girfriend especially links to her paranoia about her husband cheating on her.

The dream also seems to recreate the day to day situations. In the dream she was waiting outside for a long time. We build up that sense of real time unhappiness. The dream could have well summed up the dreamers day to day emotions at that time. The situation was building up. Little things that meant nothing eat away inside you. Many feelings are within our own heads. Nothing in particular may have happened that day but the dreamer was maybe starting to stagnate inside and frustration was feeding frustration.

Often its best to simply look at the emotions within a dream. Emotions are usually not symbolic. They just represent the same emotions appearing in your own life. Here they are quite clear - boredom,frustration and paranoia. They are probably capturing particular emotions that featured during the day before.

Symbolic Meanings
FIGHT : "your inner frustrations. You are fighting against something which is consuming all your energy"
MONSTERS : "feelings getting out of hand."
WAITING : "capturing the real time sense of frustration"
ZOMBIES : "boredom and a lack of inspiration in your life"

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