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Seven year coma dream

Dreams of boyfriend leaving you maybe linked to feelings of insecurity

DREAM - Seven year coma I am somewhere dark and unfamiliar and I find my sister. She explains that I was in a coma for seven years. I find my boyfriend and he says he's getting married and having a child. I'm raging because he was never sure if he would ever want to do either with me. Nothing makes sense and I'm contemplating suicide, then I wake up. I rolled over to make sure my boyfriend was there.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Feeling that I can never do enough to keep my boyfriend happy. Questioning his love for me.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Most dreams simply tell you how you are feeling right now. This dream simply translates into thoughts that you are all too aware of. The dream is not advice. It will not help you to know what it means. Simply translated it captures your most negative feelings right now. It captures a negative mood


1. BOYFRIEND GETS MARRIED. This simply is a symbol of your insecurity. Your worries that he could leave you and that it will never last.

2. SUICIDE. This is a symbol o your emotional state. It just means that you feel depressed about the situation

DREAM ANALYSIS You were thinking about your boyfriend the night before and this dream simply captures those thoughts. Its really a short play that reveals your inner fears and insecurities. It deals with these themes

- feelings that you are not worthy

- depression

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -

"I am simply not good enough for him. It makes me feel depressed."
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