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The Girl At The Lake

Try to make associations with dream symbols. A dream about a five year old screaming could depict a feeling such as "they are treating me like a five year old." It could also mean that the dreamer has been behaving like a five year old. Try to see which is most relevant.

THE DREAM I'm Sitting under a dead tree on a lakeside and a girl comes up on a boat and sits next to me and is just staring at me. Then she screams like a five year old and I wake up. ....

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Recently Got grounded, Me and my boyfriend Daniel constantly get in fights.

Unclesirbobby (POSTED April 27, 2012, 03: 5: 57)
Well a dream will pinpoint some key feeling. In some way this five year old girl is being compared or contrasted to you. The dream could capture any one of these feelings...

"Being grounded makes me want to scream. I am being treated like a five year old"

"My parents grounded me because they thought I was behaving immaturely"

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