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Tiger in the house - dream dictionary meaning

A tiger in the room dream was a symbol of an extremely tense situation in real life.

THE DREAM - There was this tiger in the room. I was thinking that I could avoid it in such a confined space. That was not really possible though. I got badly scratched.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been trying to avoid a woman who really did not like being ignored. She was a fearful prospect to him. He felt happy ignoring her - trying to stay on a friendly basis made things really tense.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are usually about something relevant to our lives right now. This dreamer had been preoccupied by a relationship which was causing him great tension. Just the night before he had decided to try to just ignore her. This was perfectly possible. Yet he was thinking how difficult she was to ignore. She was a friendly woman who really did not being ignored. However, he felt much less tension when ignoring her. The dream could easily symbolize this dilemma the night before. The tiger representing this woman who was a fearful prospect when ignored. It had previously led to him getting an emotional mauling.

So in terms of the day before the tiger made perfect sense. The dream also reflected reality in a second way which helped confirm its meaning. The room was a confined space. This reflected real life in that the dreamer was trying to avoid the woman similarly in a confined space – the workplace. It was not easy.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
CONFINED SPACE : "The dreamer kept getting drawn into tension with a woman. He was meeting her regularly because they both worked in the same place. "
TIGER : "The woman that the dreamer was trying to avoid really did not like being ignored. This was leading to continual stress. He kept getting into real difficulty."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "There is this woman I keep trying to avoid. I keep trying to ignore. She does not take well to this. I keep getting drawn back into tension with her."

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