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Tidal wave dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am on a beach. The waves are getting bigger and bigger so I decide to head for the higher ground (for safety).

THE REALITY The dreamer was starting to worry that her relationship of two years was heading nowhere. Her boyfriend did not seem to need her and was spending time with other people.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams often link to new trends in your thinking. So look for something 'new' that could have triggered the dream. In this case the dreamer was starting to believe that her relationship was heading nowhere. It is easy to see how the dream symbolises her present emotional state. She was sensing danger in the relationship and worried that it maybe 'swept away'. The tidal waves symbolise the huge emotional upheavals that she was sensing could be ahead. At best the relationship was heading nowhere but at worst it could end completely.

However, dreams like this only represent reality as it exists in your own emotions. The next day those worries could be swept away. The dream is sensing problems in the relationship. Those problems could be sorted out.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
TIDAL WAVE: Huge emotional upheaval associated with a failing relationship.
HIGHER GROUND: Preparing herself for any difficulties ahead.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My relationship is going nowhere. My boyfriend does not seem to need me and spends time with other people."

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers thoughts about her relationship and where it was heading.

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