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Dream - true passionate love and dog

THE DREAM I dreamt I was with this other woman, who I did not know very well. We decided to leave all our rings with this jeweller (for safe keeping) while we went to all the jewellery shops on the street. He was hesitant on holding them for us. He gave me a business card with his name on it, so we would trust him. So we go walking down the street, and in the distance I see the man driving away. Anyway, we continue to shop. I bump into this guy who I used to see at the gym. I had the hots for this guy (but would never pursue because I am married). He is truly gorgeous and there was an unsaid chemistry between us (in real life). So we go to this shop, and he is there, waiting for me at the top of the stairs with his hand out to assist me. I am holding his hand and I am in true passionate love with this guy. Later, we realize we must get going. We go to the jeweller who has left. I see a bag of rings that have been dissected and cut. Mine is one of them. Its in at least 5 pieces. I am devastated. The woman I was with also saw her rings cut up. We demand to see the jeweller. Suddenly the jeweller and his father pull our a gun and point it at us. Then the jeweller says to his father "are you ready?" I scream." Please, I would rather keep my life than have my ring! Please do not shoot" We run off and get away. My dog is also there and she has held us up because I could not find her.

THE REALITY The night before this dream the dreamer had been concerned about her husband. She could tell by the look on his face that he was troubled. She asked him what was wrong but he said "nothing!" She went to sleep worrying if there was something wrong between them.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams do capture our immediate emotions and they home in on the day before the dream. In this case there is little doubt what triggered this dream. There is little doubt about the fact that the dream reflects the immediate emotions linked to this late night chat. Its just a matter of trying to understand the symbols.

Dogs are pack animals. They stick together and they can link to our faith in our marriage and close family. If you lose your dog in a dream its symbolic of a lack of faith in her marriage. She expects a close and devoted relationship with her husband and right now that's just not happening.

Dreams do not capture the details of our current problems instead they represent these in symbolic form. Here the dreamer has reliquished her engagement ring. That's symbolic of her marriage itself. It captures that sense that something is wrong and that the close relationship is just not there in the way that it should be in a marriage. In the dream she dabbles with another man but is devasted to lose her ring. That shows she is devoted to her marriage yet there is something wrong(or more accurately she feels like there is something wrong).

Its interesting that the dreamer says that the ring broke into five pieces. That's something that does not happen by chance. Perhaps the five pieces link to our five senses. In that way the dream links to how the dreamer senses that there is something wrong.

In the dream the dreamer meets up with a man she is attracted to. This perhaps shows she is questioning her marriage right now. It does not mean she is about to cheat. She just wishes for the closeness that she experiences with this man. That is lacking in her life right now.

In the end the dreamer says " I would rather keep my life than have my ring!". So in the draem she is willing to give up her ring meaning that she is prepared to give up her marriage. But dreams tend to link to complicated emotions. Here it captured a feeling that the dreamer wishes to save her marriage but not at any cost. That shows that she is realistic about things and expects certain standards from her husband and expects him to at least try to share problems .

Symbolic Meanings
DOG : "faithfulness and trust - if you lose your dog you are unable to feel the trust and devotion in a relationship"
CHEMISTRY : "the dreamer is thinking about the unsaid chemistry and connection between her and this man - something she would like in her relationship"
LEAVE RING: "the dreamer is leaving behind the very symbol of her marriage"
SHOP : "your options and what you want from life - the dreamers options concerning her marriage"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel left out by my husband. I cannot get him to talk. There is obviously something wrong. If we cannot talk through problems then I cannot see the point of us being married. That's the whole purpose of marriage to be able to share problems."

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to form the dreams meaning - it links to a key insight into the dreamers relationship with her husband

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