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we had sex in his house!

DREAM - we had sex I his house! Okay so to start with this is not a dream I have had. This is a dream my friend had a while ago, but it has occurred that he has had dreams like this occasionally afterwards, because he always tells me when that happens. So he was walking along a road, he told me it looked a LOT like where he used to live as a kid. He passed by all these houses, and he walked in what seemed to have been a random pick, but it looked like the one he lived in. To his surprise, when he walked through the door he saw me, sitting on a chair wearing just a sleeveless shirt and a pair of flattering panties. Then he sat down next to me, and we started to laugh our heads of by watching clips on Youtube. Then he suddenly looks at me, then at my body and suddenly he starts to touch me. Then we proceed to have sex in his bed. A long time.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I have known this guy for years. I have always been told by others how he so "obviously" wants me(not just sexually) but I have never pushed the issue, so I have no idea. Perhaps his dreams tell more than he actually does. However, he always seem OH so happy when we sometimes talk. Perhaps I am being silly with all this but I just want an opinion from other than people who are almost making fun of both of us.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well I am sure that he is in love with you. He obviously likes being with you so its not just a sexual thing.

It may have just been a sexual dream. Its difficult to tell...the obvious clue would be if he woke up sexually aroused. If that was the case then this dream was probably just sexual... or a sexual dream about someone he loves.

I think its a dream about his affection for you and wish to just be with you... the dream shows him just hanging out with you.

Most dreams are linked to immediate feelings. This dream is probably not that important ... it just tells you how he felt on one occasion. A dream will often represent particular moments from the day before... in that sense its meaning could be "yesterday I enjoyed some time with the woman I love. We just hung out having fun."

You are sat in panties - that is maybe a symbol for some moment when he felt some sexual feelings for you... maybe saw you in something he liked...

But really sexual intimacy is often just a symbol for emotional closeness. Perhaps he just felt a real moment of closeness the day before.

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