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Judge and jury and blood dream

THE DREAM I started out in this house, a fairly large house, with a stone patio on a flat surface. This was something that I have never seen before, something European like, but I have not been there. My friend Derek, he was with me, and over the patio was this garden. But not just any garden, a garden with stone pillars and vines and arch ways and such.

Over on a small hill, but in the yard, was this unknown building. Derek wanted to go there, and insisted that we take a look. We were on our way to a show of some sort, so I told him to wait for later. He still insisted to look, but when we got there, it was no bigger than a child's toy and it was a court house, with a judge an jury thing. (No people) then, I walked to the show, and when in this brown building. I appeared in what was a brown cardboard box, and I started to paint in it, (it was big enough to lay down) I painted a night sky with stars and evergreen trees. It was a winter scene and the painting started to become alive. I was walking on snow, and I could look at the stars, (but there were still sides to the box so it wasn't an open area). I had this mission to paint snow on the needles of the tree and such. So I lay down, and start painting the sky purples and black and oranges to make it more, vibrant.

Then I was whisked away and I was in the brown building again, I ran up some escalator, and in my dream I felt a male presence. I made my way up this escalator, and at the top, someone said "chopped in half" and then this woman (contentedly) was making her way up the escalator, and in my dream I knew when she reached the top she was going to get grinded by the teeth of the stairs and just get bloody mangled in it. I was oddly excited in my dream and I wanted to see blood and hear her scream (I have no hate toward anyone really no its not like I wanted anyone to die in real life) but 2 seconds, before she reached the top, homer simpson appeared beside me, and said "chopped in half" and then JUST before the presumed bloody mess, my friend Sam woke me up and told me it was time to get ready for the day. Very strange, and I am still very eager to see this horror show. I wasn't scared in my dream, I was oddly patiently awaiting this woman to die.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently spilt from her husband of many years. But she was unwilling to let go - she believed that he would eventually come back. She was prepared to wait for him even though the prospect's did not look good at the time. She truly believes that her love will last forever.

THE INTERPRETATION Well the dreamer clearly had very strong feelings on her mind. In such circumstances it is often best to see those feelings as a possible cause of the dream and look for evidence in the symbols of those feelings.

The dream features foreign lands and that clearly links to reality as the dreamer is clearly in new and unknown territory. Its fairly unfamiliar ground.

The dream starts off in a large house - huge houses often link to the outside world and how it is affecting the dreamer. In this case the most obvious person to be affecting the dreamer is the opinions of her husband and his belief that she needs to accept that the marriage is over.

Gardens are symbolic of strong new feelings that are growing and taking root in our lives. Perhaps this symbolises the belief that the marriage was not over that was keeping the dreamer going. The archways are symbols of support and that too would link in nicely with reality. The feelings - though in many peoples eyes unrealistic - were strengthening and supporting her.

Brown is a color which links to reality and a need to be practical. The brown building therefore maybe links to a need to be practical and realistic. The dreamer is been led here by her friend - possibly showing her that this is in her own best interests.

But within all these symbols of reality the dreamer is also looking to the future. The picturing of the nights sky shows how the dreamer is seeing the future. The sky often links to the future( the land symbolises day to day reality whilst the sky links to the future and things which are not settled). So the picture of the nights sky shows the dreamers feelings of the future. The snow symbolises the present state of her relationship - its hard times. The evergreen trees though can link to the resilience of her feelings. Evergreen trees can symbolise the ever lasting nature of her love.

Then the brown building appears again. That shows that practical reality is constantly invading her thoughts and bringing her down to reality. She is constantly been faced with the truth about her relationship at present.

Symbolic Meanings
BLOOD : "injured feelings and pride due to the breakdown of her marriage"
BROWN : "grounded in the real world - looking at the facts"
COURT : "being judged"
EVERGREEN : "having to cope with the harsh climate - her relationship with her husband is in a very cold period "
GARDEN : "ways of thinking you are trying to encourage - the dreamer is planting the belief that things will work out"
MISSION : "driven to do something - the dreamer is consumed by her desire to restore her marriage"
PAINTING : "picturing how she wants to be"
SKY : "anticipation and outlook for the future - the dreamers thoughts about the future restoration of her marriage"
SNOW : "lack of momentum - the dreamers husband is treating her in a very cold way "
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - her marriage is deeply rooted and important to her"
WINTER : "bleak times within her marriage"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have split from my husband but I feel that eventually we will get back together. I know we are meant for each other."

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