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Artwork dream

Try to focus on "whats happening" in a dream. This dreams meaning revolves around the phrase "different people see different things." The dream used art because when you view art everyone has their own viewpoint.

DREAM I was doing some painting - I was making some kind of artwork. There was an owl drawn with big eyes - it was all very abstract artwork. He thought it was quite beautiful. Janine was there but she didn't like it. She was seeing it wrong - she thought they were some pants (as in women's underwear).

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer had broken up his relationship with a woman. She did not understand why this had happened. Part of the problem with the relationship was differing sex drives. The dreamer was wanting more sex than his ex. But the main reason for the break up was more complex as the dreamer wanted more from life.

The dream revolved around the dreamer and an ex girlfriend seeing different things about a work of art the dreamer was making. So the dream was probably about him and his ex seeing the breakup in very different ways. It also touched on the issues of sex and the dreamers ex believing that the reason was sexual.

Overall the different symbolic meanings could catch this exact thought - "I don't think my ex understands why we broke up. I had some deeper motivations and see it as a decision made for the good. I think she thought it was linked to our differing sex drives".

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