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Horse dies dream

DREAM - Let The Horse Go Walking along a road with a band of sad old men who were all pulling wagons or carrying cases; they were all skinny except for one, who was fat, resembled a friar or monk, and was being pulled along in a wagon by a horse - I had nothing except the dress I was wearing (I was even bare foot yet they did not hurt) and a large golden dog walking beside me - I had no other property yet I felt young, free, fit and happy - the road started as a wide clean new sealed road with side drains but as we travelled, it narrowed and became gravel - one by one the skinny men would tire and stop travelling until finally there was only the one man on his wagon and me and the dog and horse left - the road started to ascend and the horse had trouble pulling the wagon with the fat old man on it so he climbed down to make it easier for the horse; but the horse was still slowing so the fat old man unfastened the harness and let the horse go free. Suddenly the horse felt it no longer had a burden and started running as though it was finally free. Excitedly, I and the dog started running after it and I ran so fast that I left the dog behind and even passed the horse. The old fat man called after me and told me to let the horse go, so I moved out of the way to let it pass, but I still ran after it. The road was still narrowing until it became a narrow dirt path with deep ravines on each side; still, the horse ran and I chased close behind it. I felt exhilarated; I felt free, I did not tire - but the horse did - finally, it slid down the left side and lay in some soft long grass - there was a tree next to it so although it was steep, I knew I could slide down to the horse and grab the tree to safely break my fall - but when I got there, the horse was dead and I hugged it and cried into its mane. The fat old man and the dog had reached the road above where the horse had slid from and both were looking down at me. And he gently again, told me I had to let it ....

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Three things. First, my husband is going away as part of his job to work up north for a month.

Secondly, a dear friend was telling us about an incredible networking (but not pyramid selling, he went into great detail) with an on-line shop (website) and no products (utility services only) to have to sell monthly to remain active like the typical MLM; an exciting opportunity to become very wealthy, as they are now on the brink of opening in Asia.

And thirdly, my husband and I went on a lovely lunch date (no expense spared) - we go to cafes regularly but this was not a cheap hotel and spent a couple of hours just enjoying each others company before he goes away to work elsewhere for a month.

Note: when we first met, I dreamed my husband was a beautiful, strong but delicate horse who asked me to gently love and care for him - so I am a little afraid of your answer...

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : I would guess that this dream is about your husband going away and the last meal that you had. The horse dies - but I would not see that as a totally negative symbol. If your husband leaves you for a month in a way he dies ... he is no longer there for that month.

The dream captures the emotions you are feeling... a surge of romance from the meal and then this parting ... dreams capture these combination of emotions. The horse symbolising your husband and the romantic side. The death of the horse the end of the relationship ... (your relationship dies temporarily whilst he goes up north.)

That's what dreams do.. they capture prominent emotions... in this case you have two prominent emotions...

Dreams are entirely in the here and now... our emotions are constantly updated
COMMENT I feel as though this is an important message to me and although I often understand other people's dreams, I always have difficulties interpreting my own. Does anyone know what it means please?

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