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DREAM - Message I received a written message from a guy. he wrote me that if he had to choose between his ex and me he would definitely choose her. they fit perfectly together. he then writes that he celebrates Sabbath for the first time in 10 years alone and he enjoys it. he had written the message after our break up and he didn't make it to forget about her. what made me wonder is that I was not jealous or hurt in the dream and also not when waking up. I had a calm and relaxed feeling. in the dream I wanted to write him back that I wish him just the best...but in the end I didn't see writing anything.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:background info: I was seeing this guy for 4 months...met him 1,5 months after he broke up with his ex of 7 years. he broke up with her 3 times during these years. he distanced himself because he got scared of getting emotionally involved again but approached me again but I stopped him cause I didn't want to play games. he still is in contact and claims that I am very important to him and I can see that he has feelings. what is this dream though trying to tell me?

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well dreams link to our feelings. So whatever this dream means its probable meaning is that YOU FEEL 'THIS' or YOU FEEL 'THAT'.

If he is writing something it suggests that you are thinking through his serious thoughts... reading how he is thinking but the kind of thing he would write down. Because its written down its likely to be his CONSIDERED OPINION rather than just some random thought.

The dream just repeats this feeling about his lack of commitment to the relationship... and preoccupation with his ex. But also his lack of willingness to commit in general.
COMMENT thanks for your answer!is the dream indicating that he will go back to his ex?
COMMENT I would never advise people to base any decisions on dreams. I do not think that this is any type of premonition revealing the future. Its a dream about YOUR FEELINGS. I think its meaning is in what it reveals about your intuitions. I just feel the dream captures these feelings ..."I FEEL as if my ex is preoccupied with his ex. He cannot seriously turn his attention to me until he has got her out of his mind. In some ways he is better off on his own - he is not good at relationships and commitment. I am better off looking for someone else"
by uncle-sir-bobby-robson
COMMENT ok got it...thanks

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