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girlfriend cheating dream

If we have a dream we can usually guess what questions are running through our minds. This dream about the dreamers girlfriend cheating on him could link to questions like "Is she cheating on me?" or "I am cheating on my girlfriend - I wonder if she knows about it?" Since the dreamer was cheating on his girflfriend then its likely that the dream touched on that exact subject in some way.

DREAM - girlfriend cheating girlfriend cheating on me

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:if she knows I am cheating on her

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well we have little conversations with ourselves. The dream maybe about you feeling guilt. But you are more than likely posing questions to yourself.. eg

"Would she do the same?"

"How would I spot if she was cheating"

WE work through various scenarios connected with real life situations... what happens if such and such happens. It maybe about you wondering how you would feel if she cheated.
COMMENT Wowza, problem solved like it never happened.
by Maisyn
COMMENT Guilt is what you should fell stop felling sorry for yourself and tell her the truth you owe that much to her u know what u have done is wrong to make right tell her the truth
by dee

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