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Dream symbols - finding a bed

THE DREAM I had an unusual bed dream. It was about a university with many beds.....but not was like a furniture showroom. It was striking that there were no bedrooms. In the dream my husband and I travelled out of state because we had to go to a medical appointment. That was the purpose of the trip. We are going to stay at a college that I once attended....instead of a hotel....because I could stay for free at the college. I was going to "sneak" my husband in to save money. When I got there I realized that all the beds were singles. That was totally bad because my husband and I can't even get a good nights sleep in a double bed. I didn't know what to do. Then the doctor's office called me to take an intake and I couldn't remember any of the important information that I had to tell them. After the call I continued to search for a bed. I didn't give up but I knew it was hopeless because the beds were too small and too close together and there was no privacy. I felt helpless because my husband is a totally picky sleeper and I don't know why I ever thought this plan would work in the first place. Towards the end of the dream I begin to find double beds that are also a bit more private in this "furniture showroom" layout of a college dorm. By this time I was just relieved to find a bed that would work for him. I didn't even care if it was a double any more. The problem then is that they are going like hotcakes and I can't seem to reserve one and even if I do get one, I know I have nothing to put down to reserve it and/or no way of getting in contact with my husband so that he can find me in the large college building. I wake up due to noise in the house.

GUESSWORK The dreamers husband had a medical problem and was due to see a doctor in few weeks. Her husband was also a ridiculously picky sleeper. The day before he admitted a weakness to the dreamer.

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1. The dream includes a Doctor and so could be about any issue involving health or a doctor. It could be a literal symbol relating to physical health and well being. The dreamers husband did have a medical issue. So the dream could be about that. It will therefore capture some emotions relating to this medical problem.
2. The dream is about finding a bed and so could relate to any issue relating to this. The bed could represent the medical issue the dreamers husband suffered from and the need to get immediate treatment. The dream then seems to capture the differing emotions relating to this. The dream covers differing aspects such as cost and comfort.
DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to dreamers husbands medical problems. The dream deals with the following themes
- The need to get care
- varying emotions towards her husband treatment eg cost, comfort etc.

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture this thought that the dreamer was thinking at the time-"I have been thinking about my husbands medical problems. First I was thinking about the cost but we really want good quality help."

See how the dream represents the various thoughts that go through the dreamers mind as she thinks through her husbands need to get medical help.

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