Deep rat bite - dream dictionary

A rat biting dream was symbolic of the dreamers fear that his recent actions had tarnished his reputation. The rats unwillingness to let go symbolised his worry that once his image was tarnished he would never be able to rid himself of this

THE DREAM - There was a rat biting me. It was a very deep bite. It simply would not let go.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had been thinking about his a relationship with a woman. He had behaved in a bad way. His reputation was now tarnished perhaps permanently.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are best interpreted as connecting to recent thoughts and feelings. In this case the dreamer was thinking about a disastrous relationship. The rat is a very easy symbol potentially to decode. It could represent a rat like person. In this case this fits the dreamers own rat like behavior. It is difficult to accurately decode any dream. It could mean that the dreamer was aware of his poor circumstances which would simply not go away.

Dream Dictionary
BITE :"A biting problem which will not go away"
RAT :"Rat like behavior. The bad way in which the dreamer treated a woman."
RAT :"The dreamers own poor circumstances"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realize that I behaved very badly. I was a rat and maybe she will never forgive me for how I treated her."

See how the dreams meaning could represent a key insight the dreamer had the night before

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