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Best friend and adventures

THE DREAM - My best friend is there. I appear to be very militaristic and following orders. Then my friend is enjoying these great big giant toys. Its like a big adventure playground. Later there are little girls there who have baked their own cakes. They are delicately made.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a new friend who was quite spontaneous and adventurous. The dreamer himself was quite dull and tended to follow the crowd. They had both recently been having takeaways together - the dreamers friend was actually very obese. The previous night was a particularly happy occasion .

THE INTERPRETATION If something big happens the night before then its very likely that any dream that you have will be linked to that issue. The night before the dreamer had enjoyed a particularly good night with his new friend. The dream seemed to link to friendship so its easy to see how this dream could relate to reality. The dream was the dreamers assessment of the present situation - he was wondering how this new relationship was developing.

The dream featured some adventurous toys and a type of adventure playground. Since his new friend was especially spontaneous its likely that this portion of the dream linked to his friends spontaneity. The dream also seemed to feature the dreamers own chief characteristic - he tended to be much more boring and sensible - quite militaristic in his language. So the militarism was probably a symbol of his own efficiency and need to get things done according to a schedule. His new friend was never like that so the dream was probably pointing to each friends chief characteristic and maybe even made a point about how well they were suited to each other.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
MILITARISTIC: "I know I tend to be very dull and efficient"
ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND: "My new friend is very spontaneous and really enjoys himself"
CAKE:"My new friend is very obese and cannot stop eating fattening foods - we even have takeaways together."
FOLLOW ORDERS: "I know that my new friend takes the lead and I tend to follow him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts the dreamer had about his new friend - "My new friend is very spontaneous and out going whilst I tend to follow the crowd and am very boring. "

See how the different symbolic meanings join together form the dreamers thoughts about his new friend

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