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Make up shop best in world - dream interpretation

Could this make up dream be a play on words - as the dreamer was wanting to 'make up' with her sister

THE DREAM - I am with my partner and we are passing the biggest makeup store in the world! I beg to go in. It is bright and full of colours and brands I have never seen before. I am in seventh heaven. I test out a few colours but get pissed off with the assistants interfering with my browsing, I want to just look and enjoy it by myself. I love all the colours but keep being drawn to a very simple new product which is a gold eye shadow. I have seen it in my dreams before. I realise that as much as all the other colours are beautiful and inspiring, browns, gold and earth tones are the colours that suit me best. I was also applying a tester of foundation but was rubbing too hard and was damaging my skin.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had an ugly argument with her sister recently and she saw no way of "making up".

DREAM INTERPRETATION In this case the eye shadow probably represented the way the dreamer was trying to make attractive her way of thinking. She was trying to get something through to her sister. However, this was sometimes causing upset. The way the foundation rubs and damages her skin was symbolic of how the dreamer was sometimes touching on sensitive issues.

Symbolic Meanings
BEAUTIFUL : "an idea of perfection - in this case aiming for a perfect relationship or perfect time"
FOUNDATION : "a good start towards some goal"
MAKEUP : "a play on words - making up with her sister"
RUBBING : "the dreamer realises that applying too much pressure is not good for her relationship with her sister"
SKIN : "a symbol linked to sensitivity - the dreamer knows her sister is very sensitive "
STORE : "we go into stores to buy the things that we want but presently do not have - in this case the dreamer wants to make up with her sister"
TONE : "sending out unconscious signals when you speak"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to make up with my sister yet at the moment I see no easy way of doing this. Perhaps I have to wait for the right moment. "

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