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Woman avoiding me dream

THE DREAM - I was in a car park. Its near where a woman I fancy works. I am trying to bump into her. I figure that by the time I have parked my bike then she will still be there. But when I have finished she has already gone. I was feeling very tired at the time.

The dreamer was attracted to a woman and was trying to get her attention at work. This was frustrating him. He was wondering if she was avoiding him.

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1. The previous day the dreamer had been trying to bump into this woman he was attracted to. Yet he failed. This frustrated him. He wondered if she was trying to avoid her.

DREAM ANALYSIS It is fair to say that the dream is about the dreamers attempts to bump into the woman that he was attracted to. Together the dream deals with the following themes.
- Wanting to bump into someone
- Putting in a lot of effort.

The dream has a simple meaning and merely repeats something important from the day before. It captured these feelings - "I really want to bump into her because I fancy her. But its taking a lot off effort."

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