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Wedding dress and vulture - dream interpretation

Dreams focus on the new things in your life. In real life the dreamers brother had just moved out and the dreamer was convinced that her father would start giving her a hard time. This dream depicted that fear

THE DREAM I It was black all over the place and I couldn't see myself or anything else. I could feel things though. I felt depression and stress. I felt what my Mum and Dads inner thoughts were. it's like all the worries and hurts of the people around me were all piled up onto of me and I was feeling for them because they were happy and free. It was like being sucked into darkness. After what seemed like 2 or 3 hours, I could see the outline of me, and I stood up. I was actually trapped in a box and only realized it until I stood up. Then when I got up, I spread my arms out and there was a golden chain hooked around my wrists from one wrist to the second. There was also a very deep cut along my left arm, it was bleeding. The golden chain was very thin and fragile. My legs were still in the box as I looked around me and saw a forest of darkness. It didn't scare me, it fascinated me. Beyond the forest was a black ocean. I didn't see it but I knew it was there because I could feel it's power as crazy as it sounds. The atmosphere was so really, the air was so heavy and it was hard to breath. I look around for a while then all of a sudden. I'm at home, in a white strapless wedding dress that's really short (like a miniskirt). And on top of the short dress, I was wearing a long white skirt to match the dress. I was standing in between the dinning room and the living room at my new house which I had just moved to the day before. I hated the long skirt and wanted to take it off so I was in the miniskirt but I didn't. There was a silver chain on my wrist. I was holding the silver chain with my other free hand. My parents where there somewhere but I didn't know where exactly. I just knew they were there around me, watching me like vultures.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just moved to a new house and her three brothers were in the process of leaving to go to college. This meant that the dreamers father was now free to focus his attentions on his daughter. The day before the dream her father was disapproving of a short skirt she was wearing.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream seems linked to the day before. The dreamer had been under pressure to not wear a short skirt from her father. The dream probably works through some thoughts associated with this subject. In the dream the short skirt is worn underneath the dreamers long skirt. That shows that she is hiding the side of her that likes to wear short skirts. She wants to appear to be accepting her fathers wishes to help keep the peace.

The dress is a wedding dress. Perhaps that links to some wider thoughts about marriage. That marriage is very much linked to respectable clothes. Perhaps the dreamer feels under pressure to see things from her fathers point of view. That certain styles of dress are simply not appropriate.

Actually the meaning of the dream is quite simple. It captures the thought "My brothers have all left home and now my father is going to concentrate all his energies on me. Yesterday he criticised me for wearing a short skirt. This is how its going to be from now on. He is going to be watching me like a vulture." The dream actually uses the line "My parents where there somewhere but I didn't know where exactly. I just knew they were there around me, watching me like vultures." It's easy to expand this and relate it to this real life thought.

Symbolic Meanings
SHORT WEDDING DRESS: The previous day short skirts were an issue with the dreamers father.
WATCHING LIKE VULTURES : The dreamers parents are looking for the slightest error in their daughters behaviour. They are now watching like vultures.

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