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Pack of dogs dream

DREAM - Dogs dream Very early this morning I dreamt that I was in a pretty large backyard with several dogs. The dogs appeared to be a large breed of some kind and looked like a mix between a Weimaraner and a Lab. Their coats were a dull gray color and their eyes were very light (Weimaraner). As each dog met my gaze, it seemed to become mesmerized by my presence and stand still where it stood and stare at me really intently. They acted as if they were ready to follow me wherever I went and obey my every command. I didn't feel any fear or uneasiness around them. Because of the calmness I felt, I began wondering how these dogs would act around my dog (I actually have a small chihuahua mix). Then, instantly my dog was there surrounded by the much larger dogs that started sniffing him (the smaller one). My pet didn't like this and became slightly aggressive which made the larger dogs become aggressive in return and start biting and sort of rough-housing my pet but not viciously! I equate it to a big brother-little brother physical spat. Fearing the larger dogs would overtake my pet and injure him, I yell for the dogs to stop it! Then, I awake

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:The day prior to this dream, there was an emotional confrontation with my mom about my relationship with a guy she does not want me to be with and other aspects of my life. I am certain of her feelings due to the way she acts when she thinks we are not together. She is very attentive and affectionate when she does not know and moody and distant when she does think we are together. I severed ties with her and told not to contact me any more.
COMMENT Dogs are pack animals and so dreams with them can represent trouble within closely knit groups. Dream often just recreate your own key feelings. In real life you want obedience from those around you - boyfriend and mother. You want to be allowed to make your own decisions.
by unclesirbobby
COMMENT "I yell for the dogs to stop it!"Sometimes quotes in dreams seem totally unrelated in terms of the story but they capture perfectly your emotions.. just stop it ... sums up your feelings to both bf and mother
by sheldon
COMMENT And the other key feeling is the wish to be obeyed. you wish to be in charge.. which is not surprising as its your life
by sheldon

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