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Puppies and snakes

DREAM - puppies and snakes In my dream I was in my cousins basement and one wall was missing and when I looked out there was three snakes in the calm water,I watched for a time and then puppies came to me and that was the end

This dream was posted on on the October 23, 2012, 19:02 by warriorwoman. It was viewed 6 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: I was thinking about the man I am in love with,he loves me too. He is in a situation overseas now and he's trying to come home. He is not military.


PUPPIES: Thinking about your love

Dreams use symbols to describe your feelings. The puppies represent your love because they give you hat similar type of feeling...

So if you weave together these two symbols the dream probably just means that your love is overseas and trying to overcome some problems but soon you are sure he will be back

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