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Carrying the woman I love - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I was riding bike across a wide open space with a woman that I love. No path was really visible, but we were on "the path" and going toward some trees in the distance. There were some eruptions ahead and people started bunching up as mounds began to form. It became hilly. Some small mounds spewed ammonia gas. I remember very clearly from the dream that it was ammonia People started moving back to where we all had come from, but there wasn't a sense of panic. I ended up carrying the woman out, she slept like a baby with her head on my shoulder. My wife appeared as a guide along the way, shuffling me and others in the group to safety. I woke up very happy.

GUESSWORK The previous day the dreamer had been gassing moles in the yard. He also chatted with the woman in the dream online for a little over an hour before he went to bed. It was the first long conversation they'd had in weeks and he was very happy and surprised to hear from her. The woman is a former co-worker. The dreamer introduced her to his wife and they became friends. He has told his wife that he likes this woman, and he also told the woman as well that he liked her.

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1. In the dream there is no panic. In real life chatting online with this other woman did not cause any problems and no panic. Obviously the dreamer has to tread carefully with his relationship with this woman. But on this occasion no alarm bells were ringing.
2. In the dream the wife acts as a guide. This shows that the dreamers wife is OK with his relationship with this woman.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about talking to a woman.
- The dreamers feelings for this woman
- His wife and her reactions towards this woman

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I do like this woman. We chatted online last night. I am glad that this causes no friction with my wife. I have told my wife that I like her and she does not seem to mind."

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