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Introduced to friend - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was hanging out with this person who I felt was really close like a best friend to me but when I looked at her face I didn't recognize her at all. I felt really comfortable with her though. She introduced me to one of her best friend's and then we all became close and before the first girl (my friend) leaves she hugs me and I then talk to her friend which is now my friend too. She tells me there is this guy who has a crush on me and he sits on my bus. School bus. I'm a bit confused and asked her who and then she introduces me to this friend of hers, (the guy who has a crush on me). He says hello and things and he ask if I remember him and I say "I haven't seen you around sorry. I don't remember you." He feels kind of bad and tells me "Oh well I sat right across from you on the bus practically..." Maybe about one seat behind. I'm thinking "Oh My God, I FEEL SO BAD!" Then I kind of smile and look down and he tells me he has liked me for a while. I'm feeling even worse now because now he likes me and remembers me and I just told him I didn't even notice him! His name was like Dan, Danny, something with "DA..." sound to it, but after that I woke up.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamer had recently been told by two guys that they have crushes on her. One of the guys hasn't spoken to her since they spoke. The other guy has continued to talk to the dreamer. At the time the dreamer was currently in a year relationship so it was totally impossible.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Often we will dream about emotional issues and the resulting dream will symbolise the very thoughts and thought processes that are going through our heads. This dream clearly links to a real life issue of guys crushing on the dreamer. The dream links to the way the dreamer is trying to find the best possible solution and remain friends with these guys. She is clearly trying to understand their feelings - empathizing.

Quotes are often of great meaning in a dream and the dreamer says "Oh My God, I FEEL SO BAD!". That clearly shows that she realises how these guys have feelings and are quite vulnerable. Understanding how they feel and working through exactly what these guys are thinking is really what the dream is about.

Buses are often symbolic of shared emotions. In this dream the dreamer has clearly experienced emotions in a situation which has involved her and the two guys who have crushes on her. They are been carried along in common journey. If the crush feels bad then the dreamer is clearly sharing those thoughts.

A best friend in a dream who you do not recognise is not a good sign. Friends often link to a feeling of friendliness and an ideal situation which you are striving for which will please everyone. Best friends who you do not recognise symbolise the absence of such things. That is clearly the case since one of the crushes has stopped talking to the dreamer.

Finally the dream takes place in school(well on the school bus). School often symbolises a harsh lesson in life that you are learning.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND : "an ideal picture of how things should be - the dreamers ideal situation would be to get along with the two guys who have crushes on her"
SCHOOL BUS : "learning about other people and their emotions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have got two guys who have crushes on me. I want to be nice to them but I have a boyfriend so cannot date them. I want things to be friends with them but they do not want that. I just cannot get the ideal situation."

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