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Paedophile dream

THE DREAM I was at my sisters. I went up into her attic and had a bath. Later she wanted to have a talk with me and especially asked to have a special talk. She said that she had been abused as a child by a real celebrity who worked on a popular TV show (who in real life was accused of being a paedophile). She said that she thought he (the paedophile) was wonderful because he looked like me. I also heard this voice saying "its time to go to her"

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer felt extremely guilty about how he had treated a female friend. He was worried that other people might think he had behaved in an "unspeakable way" towards her. He had difficulty being around her as he had sexual feelings for her which were not reciprocated. His feelings for her made everything a little sordid and twisted. His female friend still thought the world of the dreamer and couldn't understand why he was ignoring her. His treatment of her seemed all the more callous because she was always so sweet and innocent. People would see her as the victim, treating her badly was completely uncalled for.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If you have a dream of a paedophile then try to think who has acted in an "unspeakable way" or who is seen as abusive. This dreamer felt he was seen as abusive towards a female friend. He had been callously ignoring her and she did not realise what she could have done to offend the dreamer. The dreamer realised that people might see his behaviour as "totally uncalled for" and "shocking and outrageous" which are all things which are associated with paedophiles. The paedophile was symbolic of feelings like "people will blame me for ignoring her and treating her in a callous way because she is so sweet and innocent and has done nothing to deserve it." The dreamer worried that people would see him as little better than a paedophile.

It is interesting that the woman in the dream thought that the paedophile was "wonderful" because he looked "just like the dreamer." That fits into thoughts like "I am ignoring her but she still thinks the world of me and just cannot understand why I am ignoring her."

Notice how the dream ends with the words "its time to go to her." That hints at the dreamer making up with this friend.

Notice also that the girl in the dream is the dreamers sister. Quite often sisters in dreams can symbolise a person whom it is inappropriate to have sex with. This female friend did not share his sexual feelings for her. He was more like a "sister to him."

Overall there are several symbols that have lots of relevance to this situation. There is the paedophile "I have acted unspeakably", then there is the sister "she is more like a sister to me" and there is the "you should go to her" and "make up" feeling. Overall the dream captures these thoughts "I have been ignoring her and people will think I have acted unspeakably. I know that she still thinks the world of me so I should just try to make up."

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