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Dream - long distance realtionship

THE DREAM - It's kind of unsettling. I always have dreams about him cheating on me. I don't remember ever having a good dream about us.

THE REALITY The dreamer loved her boyfriend with her heart and soul. He was the first person that she could envisage being with for the rest of her life. They were in a long distance relationship. She was ready to settle down, she was no little girl obsessing about her boyfriend. She said that there's more of a possibility that he could be cheating. However, she was on skype with him all day, every day. They fall to sleep on it together and wake up together. He has no time to cheat. The dreamer did have trust issues thanks to an ex she caught private messaging another girl about a picture of her, and the same guy texting a different female about how he dreams of her. However she had not been together with her boyfriend for two years. Even on Skype their "honeymoon" stage is over and they yell and fight. The dreamer said that maybe these dreams are normal and it's just my subconscious maybe because I am so insecure and because he is the first person I've ever had real feelings for?

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are not about the facts they are about our feelings. Some feelings are irrational and exaggerated. If you have been cheated on before by someone else then you always have doubts about trusting someone totally.

This relationship also had a lot of stress connected with it because it was a long distance relationship where they had not seen each other for two years. So any insecurities the dreamer had would be amplified.

The dreamer also deeply loved this man and so she had invested a lot. She had a lot to lose and constantly was aware of how much she could lose.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have no reason to think my boyfriend is cheating. However, we are in a long distance relationship and that puts a huge stress on the relationship. I have been cheated on before so I know that its possible to trust someone only to be let down."

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