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Eating biscuits in sewage - dream analysis

THE DREAM I am eating biscuits. They are in a plastic tub. I have left them on the sides of a sewage pipe. The pipe has been dug up. There are beautiful people watching on.

THE REALITY The dreamer had got a woman to accept blame for something. He knew that he had been ultimately more responsible. He felt a bit guilty about this.

THE INTERPRETATION The day before the dreamer had successfully resolved a problem with a woman. But he had started to feel guilty. He had been a little underhand as he had forced the woman to accept responsibility yet not accepted any himself.

The beautiful people reminded the dreamer of the woman in real life. She had acted with such honesty and integrity - surely these are 'beautiful' qualities. Yet the dream also features something slightly dirty - the sewage taints the biscuits. In real life the dreamer felt good at how the woman had acted with honesty yet felt a bit wrong because he was letting her take all the blame. So the dream captured both aspects of his emotions. The dream builds up to quite a complex set of emotions.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
SEWAGE: Tainting
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: "She acted with honesty and integrity"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been a bit underhand with her. I got her to accept blame for everything that happened without accepting my own responsibility. She acted with honesty and integrity - yet I feel underhand"

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