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Ex husband in a coma

THE DREAM I dreamed that my ex-husband came into my home with a hood on but he had a beak like a vulture. He was next to my bed trying to attack me. I saw a demon that was him and asked God to help me. After much praying the demon went away. I then dreamed he was in a coma and I forgave him.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I have a restraining order against my ex-husband. I learned after the divorce that he had child by another woman during our marriage and am very angry with him now for the betrayal. He also spends very little time with our children and this bothers me.

Posted at February 21, 2012, 20:02 by zladyj (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED February 22, 2012, 06: 3: 13)
GUESSWORK Most dreams are linked to thoughts on your mind. They are merely symbolic representations of intuitions, emotions and creative ideas. Many dreams about ex husbands are about your relationship with them or your thoughts about them.


1. DEMON: We associate devils and demons with people who are bad and who like picking on people... bullying them. So its obvious why your ex is a demon.

2. VULTURE. Vultures are fairly similar to demons. They pick on the weak and vulnerable and so you feel as if your husband has been picking on you.

3. ATTACK. If you are in conflict with someone then its possible that they will attack you in a dream. Its just a symbol of confrontation and its related to your real life situation. Its very real conflict

4. COMA: If you are in a coma then you cannot do anything. Here I think it has similarities with the restraining order placed upon him. He cannot do anything with a restraining order so that's maybe why your dream features him in a coma... unable to do anything.

5. FORGAVE: Perhaps when you have a bit of space from your husband you can start to forgive.

DREAM MEANING a dream will usually capture some thought or feeling. Thinking about the symbolic meanings and associations and what you have mentioned I think the dream captures this thought... "Things have been really bad and their is a lot of bitterness. But now I have a restraining order on him we can have some space. I least I can start getting over all the conflict and start to move on"

So I think the dream is about your relationship. Its also about your state of mind as you need to get over any traumas connected with the breakup

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