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Gang raping my daughter

This dreamer had recently found out that her boyfriend had been having sex with men. Surely this dream of her daughter being raped is a symbol of her revulsion at her boyfriends behaviour

THE DREAM I had a bad bad dream that I was in some house. there was some kind of a party or something then all of the sudden these horrible men grabbed my arms and held me down while taking my 15 year old daughter into a room, where I heard her horrible screams for help. I felt helpless and I fought and fought but could not help her I screamed and then awoke from my bad dream....

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was very upset because she had recently found out that the man she was in love with (for thirteen years) had secretly been having sex with men. She felt as if everything that she has ever done and felt was a lie. She was trying to remain sane - for the sake of her two wonderful daughters.

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1. RAPE: Rape can represent bad emotions of any kind. The dreamer felt completely humiliated and disgusted after finding out the man she loved had been having sex with men. This had given rise to the same feelings as rape.
2. DAUGHTER: The dreamer had obviously been humiliated and felt abused by the man she loved who had slept with other men. The rape in the dream takes place with her daughter. Sometimes dreams can get mixed up like this. It does not matter too much - its obvious that the rape in the dream arose from the dreamers feelings of upset finding out the man she loved had had sex with other men. She was also thinking about her daughters and her need to stay sane for their sake. So that's probably why her daughter was the victim of the rape. In another sense daughters represent our hopes and dreams. In this sense the dreamers greatest hopes had been brutally destroyed.
4. FIGHT: Fighting in a dream can represent the great struggles of our lives. Fighting in this case probably represents the great struggle the dreamer was involved in - trying to stay sane for the sake of her daughters after the man she loved had had sex with other men.
DREAM ANALYSIS The dream deals with the following themes
- Struggling in life
- Terrible abuse

If you weave together the different themes and think about what was on the dreamers mind then you will find out if captures these thoughts - "I have found out that the man I love has been having sex with men. I feel utterly disgusted and humiliated. I am trying to fight to keep sane for the sake of my daughters."

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