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Trombone dream

If something big happened to you the night before the dream then we can predict that the dream will link in some way to that incident or emotion. In this case the dreamer had an emotional chat with her son. Think about the excitement in this dream and sense of family and coming together. Surely they are linked

THE DREAM I dreamed that my husband and I went to my childhood church and he was going to play his trombone for the special music. There was a couple of other brass players who were going to play with him but it was going to be a simple affair where they played a basic hymn one time through from the hymnal, nothing fancy. (We live overseas and every year when we visit our parents my husband is asked to play his trombone and he does). I was in the rest room when my father's best friend's daughters came in and were fixing their hair in front of the mirror. I was comparing them (this one is prettier but the other is still very pretty, this one is smarter but the other is still very smart, etc.) Then it was time for church. I sat on the left side of the church in the back. The church was filled to capacity. I did not realize it was filled because people came to hear my husband. Normally it is a quiet, sleepy little country church that is never filled. Also, when I was growing up, it was a formal church where everyone wore their "Sunday Best" and even small children were taught to sit still and listen. They were not allowed to look around, draw pictures, fidget, chew gum, whisper, or heaven forbid sleep. In my dream, it was still that sort of a church. We formally sang a few songs and then the music leader stood up to announce the special music. He said the church had been waiting "10 years" to hear my husband play since the last time he played. In my dream I think had a struggle with my dream state and consciousness because part of me was like "we go back every year so why is he saying that?" but the "me" in the dream was sitting there hearing the information as though it were true. Then my husband and the other brass players stood up to get their instruments (in real life my husband always plays at this church solo). Now the dream gets strange. In this formal church, these brass players were dressed in flashy suits with bright blue ties. They looked like they were going to play somewhere besides church. As they walked to the front of this church a few people began to stand and give them an ovation. Others hesitated as I did, and finally by the time they got to the front, the whole church was standing and giving them an ovation. I thought, "wow, now they must have a lot of pressure to do good to get a standing ovation before they have even played one note!" The energy began to build and the left side of the church began a "WAVE" while they continued clapping! I saw my father's best friend in 2nd pew from the front left side. He looked like he did in his younger days (he only has one leg) and he was doing the Wave too and that amazed me (not that he was young but that he was doing it with only one leg although I knew he is the type of person to try anything). (Interestingly I had another dream about this man 1 week ago where he made a friendly visit to me overseas and helped me clean my house). Since everyone else was doing the Wave, I thought, "what the heck, I'll do it too" and joined in. Then the right side of the church waved on cue. The whole church was doing the Wave over and over as the players got their music set up. Then some members of the right side of the church began stomping "Doom Doom DOOM! Doom Doom DOOM" (the beat from Queen's "We will rock you". I saw my husband and he was smiling as he felt the energy and expectation of the people. So he said to the other players that they need to put aside the quiet hymn they selected and really play so as not to let the people down. He said they would improvise "When the Saints Come Marching In". Then he said in a loud voice "1-2-3 LET IT RIP!" (This is something he nor anyone else would ever say in that church, yet no one blinked an eye). Then my husband and the trumpet players began playing "When the Saints Come Marching In" as it has never been played before. The marvellous and incredible sounds they were making through their instruments was beyond belief. That church was rocking! What in the world could that dream mean?

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer made a great breakthrough with her six year old son. She thought her relationship was on the brink of falling apart. The dreamer asked her husband to help mediate with her son because he had such a fantastic relationship with him. But he was too busy at that moment. She then decided to chat things through with him. Eventually she made a major breakthrough and he fell asleep in her arms.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have had a major breakthrough with my young son. I seemed to be growing apart from him. But last night we had a good serious talk and we seem to have sorted everything out. He fell asleep in my arms."

DREAM ANALYSIS The general rule with dreams is that if something major happens the day before then you interpret the dream on that basis. The dream has captured your thoughts and feelings on that. Its important to make some simple connections but in most cases the dream is best understood as your mind working through these new feelings.

One good connection here is the trombone. Dreams use associations and at that moment in time the trombone was highly associated with this incident. The dreamers husband was busy with his trombone at the time. Its not a great connection but its a connection.

Most importantly dreams capture emotions and changes in them. Here we can establish a perfect match and conclusive link to the real life event. The emotions in the dream perfectly match those in reality. The way the house is filled with joy perfectly captures the situation as it unfolded.

The dream also features music. Music often is highly symbolic and refers to how well people are getting along together. The music perfectly matches the progression of the dreamers relationship with her son that night. At the end they were bringing the house down.

The dream also features an extremely formal setting. That maybe matches the way in which the dreamer started off having a strict talk in which everyone had to listen even if they did not want to. Later on when tensions had eased this strict way of communicating was not so enforced. But when he was not willing to listen he was made to listen and to talk things through.

Also the dream takes place in the dreamers church. That is the home of her beliefs. Her son is been made to sit and listen - just as she was made to sit and listen without fidgeting in her childhood. He would hear what she had to say and take notice. That was the only way that she had to communicate with him. Actually during this whole episode he resisted talking. The dreamer asked her son if she could do anything. He cried back that nothing could be done - no one can do anything. So this dream captures the sense in which he had to be made to listen.

The other points in the dream also captures emotional feelings. The point when applause break out for no reason kind of matches the way the dreamer felt. She felt like applauding herself and her son. It was spontaneous.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND : "an ideal situation"
CHURCH : "a serious and committed belief - the dreamer reaffirms her commitment and belief in her son "
DRESSED : "best clothes - suggests the dreamer has shown a real effort and is taking something seriously"
MUSIC : "getting along well - establish a rapport with her son"

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