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Old crush getting proposal - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was thinking about my classmate from 3rd grade (lets call him Matt) who was nice to me and I had a crush over him, I thought that only if I would have confessed my feelings to him then things would be different in between us both (like who knows we might be together right now). And then through casting a magical spell I return to the time when we were classmates. I am back in school (but I am my present age), it was like visiting my own self (the little girl that I was then). I tell myself that I need to tell him what I feel or I might regret it later on. So that little me does as said. Then again back to present day its a reunion party and there I find each and every classmate of mine, I ask an old classmate about Matt and he says that, " he too is coming Natasha, we all know that there is something going on between you to. At least that's what I was told by Matt". Then I meet Matt at the entrance gate of our school, he is delighted to see me and we both hug and kiss in front of everyone. Then we walk in the premises of the school remembering the good old days when we were kids and he is surprised by my memory about each and every thing that I remember about him. He is now a successful businessman. Then we again kiss passionately. Then he says that we need to be together. Next I saw that we are in a live in and I ask him that why don't we get married? He answers, " why so soon, lets enjoy our lives". But because in my dream I desperately wanted to have a baby with him so I make him drunk and then I was in a foreign local living alone in an apartment with my little kid and I saw my present best friend visiting me there and proposing me to get married to him, he was even ready to accept me with my kid (the one I had with Matt).

THE REALITY The dreamer had been in love with her former crush years before but had not been thinking about him. It is fair to assume then that his appearance in the dream is entirely symbolic. The dreamer was now deeply in love with another man. She was now facing the same dilemma as she was then. Should she allow time to pass and opportunities to slip away in the same way that she did then.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often in life we face a new situation but the problems are the same. We face a similar situation as we maybe did a couple of years ago. In this case the dreamer is facing a similar dilemma as she did a couple of years before. She let opportunities slip away. This dream is basically saying that "this situation is like your crush with Matt".

This dream then probably captures the dreamers feelings about the various options available to her. I know many people would think such a dream captures her feelings and wishes to take a strong and decisive option. Yet in truth such dreams simply reveal that we face a difficult decision which maybe we are very unsure about.

Symbolic Meanings
PROPOSAL : "take a serious step forward in the relationship and make a commitment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Perhaps now is the time to act. I need to seize the situation and tell my crush just how I feel about him. Otherwise that opportunity may simply disappear in the same way it did with my former crush"

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