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Dream symbols - chocolate bar from boss

THE DREAM My supervisor gave me a piece of his taffy bar. It was white and had peanuts in it. He just pulled it, stringy taffy style off the bar with his fingers and handed it to me and I was like 'oh thanks' and ate it. I thought it was a payday bar, I never eat payday bars, but they come in white wrappers and have pictures of peanuts on them.

THE REALITY The dreamer was fed up with her supervisor giving her compliments on her work. She really wanted a pay rise. Her rates of pay had slowly been rising until recently(mostly automatic increases due to length of service). Now no new increases were due for some time.

THE INTERPRETATION Well dreams when interpreted should translate into a simple thought process and this dream does : The dream shows that the dreamer would rather her boss gave her a pay rise rather than pay her pointless and condescending compliments.

The dream dream has an obvious synonym in it. The PAYDAY bar is obviously linked to pay and issues such as that. So its worth looking up such words and seeing if any issues come to mind that associate with such synonyms. In this case there was a very clear pay related issue in her mind. The dreamer mentioned that she was being complimented by her supervisor but found these obnoxious and rather false. Chocolate links to something that makes us feel better but does not really improve our situation. That's a perfect symbol here as a compliment does not improve your situation whilst a pay rise does. The two issues are connected for the dreamer. She finds his compliments irrelevant and most of what he says makes no sense. We often dream about relationships. Working relationships can often be a major cause of dreams as we are thrown in with other people many of whom we really do not like at all. Yet we have to learn to live and cope with them.

Dream Symbols
CHOCOLATE : "something that makes you feel good - the dreamers boss tries to compliment her"
PICTURE : "the dreamer is sick of working for peanuts"
WRAP : "say something in a particular way - the way you present something - making it sound better"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am sick of getting compliments off my boss. I wish I would get a pay rise. I have had regular pay increases recently but now it will take me ages to get another pay increase"

See how the symbolic meanings link with a deeper assessment of the dreamers boss and his behavior

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