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Hair straightened - dream

DREAM - message I dreamt that my ex wrote me a message that he saw a video about me talking publicly about politics. he said that I was great and beautiful and would have been even more beautiful if my hair was straight. he said that he is in Greece for business with his two brothers and will be back very soon. I wrote back and asked him when he will be back.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:i met my ex at the gym and he asked me why my hair is not straightened. he loves when it is straight. other than that I keep wondering if he will ever consider getting back together.
INTERPRETATION: Often dreams will be like short plays. In some way they will connect with our feelings and symbolise key conclusions forming in our minds. What does this dream tell us? The dream features her ex paying her a compliment. This had actually happened in real life the day before. The dream probably deals with some questions which obviously arise from this conversation. If he was paying her a compliment then obviously there is no bad feeling between the two. After a pleasant chat they may both obviously be thinking about getting back together. So the dream merely portrays this simple thought - "He paid me a compliment yesterday. I wonder what that means? Is he sending out a message? Does he want us to get back together? We both seemed to get along fine yesterday."

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