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Zombies and Brad Pitt

THE DREAM At the start of the dream, I was in a classroom of people and we had a couple of guest speakers who happened to be Brad Pitt Johnny Depp. I don't remember what they were talking about but, I do remember Brad showing interest in me. He thought I was really beautiful. At the end of class the guests left, and no one knew it but there was some kind of contest for the girls in class to win a chance or rights to be with Brad Pitt. Everyone was excited, I didn't really have any luck w/winning anything, so I didn't get my hopes high on it, and then they announced the winner and it was me. All of the other girls were upset and I heard one say she wanted to fight me, so we ended up scrapping and I won. Then I was given a paper with his phone number and a time to call. It was either 6 or 7 20 something pm. Well, I called but didn't get an answer. But I got called to go slay some zombies...I got to what reminded me of a school playground and the main zombies were sitting on a picnic table. They weren't like regular zombies, these guys could talk. They said, 'We've been waiting for you Jasmine' And started to advance on me. I wasn't afraid, I somehow slayed them with no physical weapons ( I cant remember how I was hurting them) and then slayed a whole huge group of them after that. The big group was chasing me, but I still wasn't afraid and I slayed them all with no weapons. By the time I was finished, it was 9pm and I was like 'Shoots, I gotta try and call Brad again'. I called, but still got no answer. I kept looking at the number on the was 412-###-## I cant remember right now. And I kept trying to call thinking maybe I'd get through, but to no avail

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Over the last past week, I've been hiding out in my room. Called off of work, haven't gone anywhere, only surfed one day out of a whole swell.. Before last week - I met this guy a couple months ago that I really like, and that seems to be really interested in me also. I find him super attractive and was surprised that he felt the same way and has been growing stronger feelings, as have I for our relationship. He doesn't feel ready for a GF, because he recently got out of a 5yr commitment, and but said to me that when he's ready, I would be the GF material for him, if I can be patient and not trip. the other night, I called and left a VM on his phone that IDK if he's maybe got other girls he wants or that want to cruise with him and I don't wanna hold him back from being single and mingling ( even though I don't want him to mingle) so maybe I should back off a little. I think I may have blown it right there. I gave him the go. Haven't really got to talk to him since, it was just 2 nights ago. But I feel like the dream is saying to me, that I blew my chance with the super hottie I really liked and that was really showing interest in me. Brad Pitt represented the guy I'm really interested in and he was also a teacher, so maybe I'm to learn from this experience w/my guy. All the girls in the dream were pissed at me, which could mean the other girl that I know of that wanted to cruise with him cuz he picked me, and the 3 zombies that were waiting for me I think represented his crazy ex who's was harassing me for a while. She has said that she cant wait to meet me. But in the end I didn't get to cruise with Brad Pitt...:(

Posted at July 9, 2012, 13:01 by Jasmine_808 (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED July 9, 2012, 21: 1: 27)
Hi Jasmine, another day and another jasmine zombie dream.

I think the dreams definitely about what you say. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp fits so well for something that is currently in your mind.

I always analyse dreams in reverse. I look at what your thinking and try to see how the dream could portray those emotions.

So since we know its about this hot guy you mention then what could it portray about that.

It features a phone call... that's a symbol for the VM you sent. So its easy to guess that this dream is about this type of thought

"I wonder what he thinks. I have sent him a VM but haven't had a reply"

ZOMBIES. I think that this dream just captures your emotions about this VM... zombies are neither dead not alive -

so maybe the zombies are symbols for you thinking "I really do not know what he is thinking. I have not had a response. Its too early to say I have blown it - I might receive a response"

So you are not sure if this super hot guy is dead (eg there will not be a relationship and so hes dead to you) or he is alive and well (within your life) and could soon get back in touch.

I wouldn't advise another VM. Try hitting that surf that you mentioned.

I am fascinated by dreams but always try to say that most dreams will not tell you anything you don't know. I do not accept the term the unconscious mind. I think most dreams link to intuitive thoughts - and when translated simply represent KEY THOUGHTS which will be on the tip of your tongue. In this case I just think its capturing these frustrations at not knowing what he thinks... and particularly this key phase ... its still too early to say you have blown it - but then thinking moments later that yes you have blown it.

Dreams are about intuitions and intuitions are just really GUESSES. So part of you says you have blown it and the other part maybe still hopes. Of course time will tell but in the mean time you are getting frustrated

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