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Trusting and gagged dream

THE DREAM - I dreamed the divorce was final, and my ex came over asking for a boat he wanted (don't really have one). I trusted his "niceness" and told him he was welcome to it. As he started to drive the boat and trailer up the driveway I saw my youngest son tied to it and his mouth gagged. I was horrified and rushed to get him off.

THE REALITY The dreamer believed that she could not trust her ex's kindness because he had a deceptive nature. She was encouraging her son to keep on good terms with his father but he was very upset with his father because of how he had treated her mother.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If a dream features people close to you then its meaning maybe simple. It may easily be about that person. Here the dream is about the dreamers ex and her son. A couple in the middle of divorce are likely to have dreams about the split. Its just a matter of spotting the dreams meaning.

The dream will often touch on the issues involved but in a very abstract way. But the basic themes are easy. The dream deals with the ex husbands 'niceness' and the sons thoughts. Most dreams will simply tell you things that you already know. So for the dreams meaning you look for how these basic themes are dealt with.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
NICENESS: The dreamers ex had a tendency to be nice but he was also deceptive and devious.
GAGGED: The dreamers son had strong views about his father and was angry at how he was treating his mother.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am not going to be using my son against my ex. So I expect my ex not to."

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers thoughts about her son.

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