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Surrounded by sharks in water

DREAM - Surrounded by sharks in water I had a dream that I was on a board surrounded by, what looked to be huge fish at the bottom of the water as well as a few sharks closer to the top. I was trying to hurry and get from one end to the other. The shark was right in front of me, but it never bit me and I finally got out. What does that mean?

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I recently stopped dating this girl, I felt as if she used me. She's now hanging out with her ex-bf again, in which she had a very dysfunctional/violent relationship with. I still get upset about it every day.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well did you see her? Really this is not your problem any more. Her ex boyfriend could be the shark... but he will not bother you... just as in the dream.

COMMENT I work with her, see her 5 days a week. I just get mad.
COMMENT The shark represents an emotion or person that you would rather avoid. I think it could capture these emotions

"I really want to avoid her. It cuts me up to see her."or "He really is nasty and violent. But I just have to keep out of it. Its not affecting me. But I do not like to be near such people and do not like to see her with such people"
by unclesirbobby

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