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Waterfall dream

THE DREAM This dream started with advice. A beautiful waterfall some considered sacred could be found if I followed this mountain road I was standing before. The walkway was old and traditional in style but solidly constructed. It was quite a walk but sure enough I found an exquisitely beautiful waterfall and I so loved this space.

The top lip of the water fall incorporated a cupola covered walkway with columns holding it up. I sensed it was in India.

I had walked all round it and paddled in its waters in the appropriate places just taking in its delights when I noticed my nephew skylarking as usual in the pools under the cupola walkway. His carelessness and lack of respect for the sensibilities of those who believed this was a sacred waterfall annoyed and alarmed me so I moved forward to inhibit his behavior. I could see him falling if he wasn't restrained in some way.

Looking into the water I noticed ice was starting to form in it. There was still some time but the water had already frozen in places so I warned my nephew he could easily slip and fall if he was not careful - it was all I could do as he ignored me and went off his own way skylarking as usual.

Soon the water was an icy slurry. It would not be long before the mystical effect created by the waters flow over the rocks was frozen. I decided to go and tell some of my friends about this as it was a rare occurrence.

When I returned I found my sister and her husband sitting at an outdoor table in the snow. In the brief time I was away mystical nature of this space had been commercialized. Somehow the waterfall looked tacky with the damage of too many people walking all over it leaving it dull and lifeless.

I noticed the waterfall had much more life when it flowed.

My sister seemed satisfied with this lifeless water fall and introduced me to it as if I didn't know about it already. When I tried to explain she wouldn't listen and I was ignored.

This is the essence of this dream. Before I saw my sister I was so happy in my dream. This waterfall was so beautiful is was a true delight for my soul. When I woke up I wondered why my sister was only there when the water was frozen. She never saw it when it was flowing the way I most loved this place.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Yesterday I had a dream about my family of origin. I was upset my least favorite sister was in it as she is not usually in my space and I prefer it that way in the awake world and the dream world.

It has been on my mind since then but this dream puzzled me so I talked it over with my husband this morning.

After tossing ideas around we agreed the water did not begin to freeze until I had anything to do with my least favorite sister and her family. I noticed the ice first when my nephew was skylarking in the water.

When my sister and her husband turned up in my dream sitting outside in the snow she ignored me and my point of view. The dream was showing me the flow of my spirit is frozen when I am around them.

For me this is just another reason not to go to any family weddings. I like my life best when life is flowing through me. I have lived too to many years where I felt like a frozen embryo waiting to be born.

I had a snatch of insight when I wrote that last paragraph line - there were more scenes in the dream and I had a quick image of my husband and I with our son at the time of his birth. I know now I don't want to go to the family weddings because I want to protect the family life my husband and I have created above all things. It has been my life's work to do so.

This kind of insight is the reason I like writing up my dreams. In our house we share our dreams and they help us communicate about the unconscious forces we are struggling with. I valued my husband's willing ear to day - he helped me know the burden in my heart concerning my relationship with this sister in particular.

I am at peace now.

Posted at February 7, 2012, 17:02 by Iceberg Rose (Viewed times)

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